D&T Gardens

D&T Gardens Bloom This Year

When the owner of D&T Gardens, David Horkman, is working the fields, Brian is attending the Market on Military to sell the crops. This year Jenny, a long time market employee, is also working in the fields and the crops are producing better than average. It might be her touch or our great weather this summer! (After the late snow melted.)

D&T Gardens attends all three of the Green Bay markets and works closely with the Women Infant Children (WIC) nutrition program which supports healthy eating for young children and their parents. Customers can use vouchers to purchase the locally grown produce. In addition to the produce grown in Howard and Black Creek, Brian also sells peaches from Georgia and blueberries from Michigan.  

Electronic Benefit Transfer or better known as EBT is another method of payment customers can use to buy the produce. “One woman thanked me for accepting EBT payments and said that because she could use EBT, her grandkids can eat good food,” said David Horkman.

EBT is a food subsidy program through the government and the Market on Military also doubles the EBT amount up to $10 per day from a grant program sponsored by HSHS. The program encourages healthy eating and the fresh produce at D&T Gardens is a great fit.

One of my favorite products from D&T Gardens are the big yellow onions, they are super sweet. A quick and easy meal for the summer is to fry a couple pieces of bacon. When they are almost done,  add the onions, sliced zucchini, and lastly add green beans. Eat it alone or with pasta or rice. Yummy and healthy!