Military Avenue Mural

Watercolor Style Mural on Military


Q-Tea Premium Tea House and The Sense Spa & Wellness Center will have the first mural on Military Avenue.

Kent Hutchinson is painting a watercolor style mural done in acrylic, that was selected by the owner, on the side of the building at 124 S Military Avenue. The new tea house and spa owner is adding to the beautiful Zen gardens with this artistic mural. As our weather cooperates, there will soon be outside seating in the peaceful, minimalist, Zen like garden.

In addition to tea, frozen custard, and healthy drinks, they also serve Vietnamese Coffee. (Also called Cà phê Sữa đá.) This Vietnamese coffee is rich, super flavorful, and sweet with just a tiny hint of hazelnut. It is perfect on a hot or cold day. Either iced or hot.

You can have a tea or coffee while you visit the spa area that features manicures, pedicures, massage, waxing, and the most unique salt room. RELAXED is the word you will use after time here.

The artist, Kent Hutchinson, is an active community member and creative collaborator. Kent serves as chair on the Green Bay Public Arts Commission and organizes the STEAM events held at the Neville Museum. STEAM adds the A for Art to Science – Technology – Engineering – and Mathematics. “A comprehensive understanding of the STEAM disciplines makes us smart while an understanding of how these disciplines can be interwoven and combined makes us wise.” Kent’s incorporation and encouragement of art in our everyday life is evident in many Green Bay locations.

Visit the Q-Tea House to see the positive development of including art on Military Avenue.