About Us

Military Avenue, Inc. Business District

military ave business district sign

Founded as the Military Avenue Business Association or MABA, then later the successful formation of a Business Improvement District (BID) and non-profit called Military Avenue, Inc. was approved in 2013.  They hired their first executive director in 2014.

Military Avenue is home to many longstanding retailers, service providers, offices and other specialty businesses including a successful and growing family business in H. J. Martin and Son, and an original McDonalds with the historical, giant golden arches.

The corridor has a competitive advantage with the strength of a modern roadway system, convenient and free parking, easy access to Highway 41/141 and just a leap (or hail Mary pass) from the famous Lambeau Field.

Equipped with bicycle lanes, abundant sidewalks and a functional density of surrounding residential development, Military Avenue is geographically positioned to serve an important role in the new economy.

Mission Statement

Military Avenue, Inc. exists to create an environment that supports the continued success of the businesses and neighborhoods in the Military Avenue district located on the west side of Green Bay.

Vision Statement

Military Avenue Inc. fosters a spirit of collaboration and cooperation with local businesses and neighborhoods by working to improve the entire district. We do our work by marketing, branding and promoting business activities, funding and coordinating physical improvements, event planning, new business recruitment, support for our current businesses, and connecting them all.

Strategic Goals

The corporation measures its success based on several real estate methods of improving property valuations, tracking its activities through business metrics in the areas of recruitment, marketing and promotion, physical improvements and property valuations.

Bench Marks

We will increase the occupancy rate for retail business by 20% within five years.
We will develop and fund a formal gateway project for the Military/Lombardi Avenue entrance within five years. – “the sign” is a good start!
We will increase assessed value in the BID district by 10% within five years (adjusted for any re-assessment).
We will increase residential occupancy in the district by 10% within five years.