Pop Up Ready

Need a location for a new business or product? Pop-Up Ready?

Pop-Up Ready makes it easy to find spaces that will work with you for a short term, to try it out!

A day, a week-end, a month. You and the landlord work out the deal. We find the eligible space, make the introduction, and you take it from there. Once you are in the district, we are still around to help with your business!

Military Avenue is the first to start and pilot this program in Green Bay.

Click here for a map of all the locations! More to come.

Sorry, no equipped restaurant space is available at this time.

Program Mission: To activate vacant commercial spaces by offering low-rate, short-term lease opportunities to start-up businesses.

The program aims to connect the property owners of vacant commercial spaces with short-term tenants that need a space to test-drive their business idea. Ideally, the program will help entrepreneurs grow their temporary pop-up shop into a successful and well-established business, and the vacant commercial spaces will be come occupied with long term tenants.

Benefits for Entrepreneurs: 

  • Offers a low-cost, short term option to try out a new business idea
  • Creates a unique opportunity to reach new customers
  • Provides a connection to resources within the community that will help businesses grow and be successful.

Benefits to Property Owners: 

  • Provides opportunities to generate revenue from vacant commercial spaces
  • Attracts foot traffic inside vacant spaces, providing marketing opportunities to secure and long-term tenant
  • Establishes relationships with pop-up business owners who may want to sign a long-term lease after completing the Pop-Up Program

Benefits to the Community:

  • Revitalizes the business district with increased activity
  • Reduces the negative visual impact of vacant commercial spaces
  • Stimulates the local economy by growing local businesses

For more information, contact the Military Avenue Business District office at 920-544-9503 or Director@militaryave.org or the City of Green Bay Business Development staff at 920-448-3397