Beautiful Men’s Clothing and More – Gents, Chaps, & Blokes

Great finds for the Holidays!

Gents, Chaps and Blokes can help you find the perfect gift over the holidays, any special occasion, or just a wardrobe lift!

The shop owner, Dane Lasecki, has great style and picked high quality wares, gifts, and men’s supplies. New to the Vernon Square, the space is meticulously designed to showcase everything a guy might need. From shoes to hair products, you can walk out a new man!

Visit the shop at 1226 S Military Avenue and follow them on Facebook for good paring ideas and new product releases.

The Book Stop Gets New Owners

Book Stop – Beacon Center

603 S Military Avenue

Need a good book?
Stop in and welcome Bethe and Scott to the Military Avenue business team!

Bethe Lane may look familiar but after being a manager for the past four years, she is the new owner of The Book Stop in the Beacon Center. Bethe and her father, Scott Batterham, recently purchased the shop and have already started to remodel and add their touch.

Expanding space and opening up a relaxing reading area are just some things on the list.

If you are already a customer of the Book Stop, you will be happy to know that many things will stay the same. The current shop gift certificates and vouchers will still be honored.

Isles of books and a large list of book-exchange customers guarantee that there will always be a new book for you to read at the Book Stop.

In addition to running the Book Stop, Bethe is active in her Fireman’s Park Neighborhood Association and lives there. She is also active in her children’s school and local events.

Coming Soon! Petco

Petco The Health and Wellness Co.

Petco will soon move in next door to Burlington! Thanks to H.J. Martin and Son for investing in business on Military Avenue! We are excited for all the improvements and new businesses calling Military Avenue home. Watch the corner of Military and W Mason!

New Rental/Buy Business – Get It Now!

We welcome Get It Now! to the Green Bay Plaza and Military Avenue Business District!

GREEN BAY, WI, 54303 Phone 920-600-0109

Brand new items are filling the corner of Fisk and West Mason Streets at the new Get It Now! store. They are open M-F 10AM – 7PM,
Saturday 9AM – 6PM, Sunday Closed.

I met David, the new manager at the Green Bay location. They are headquartered in Texas and have locations all across the State of Wisconsin. This is their second Green Bay location. They are offering some deals for their grand opening at the west side location. Stop in to see the supply. They did a beautiful job remodeling this space!

Picture of some of the items at Get It Now!

Our Wish List – What’s Yours?

Jeff Bollier with the Green Bay Press Gazette interviewed me for our 2020 Wish List for Military Avenue. You can check out the full story below.

Each year our Board of Directors does an operating plan that outlines our goals for the year. This year of 2020 we hope to identify a brand to fit our flavor and add public amenities in that style to aid pedestrians and drivers shopping, working, or visiting here.

Public Amenities – A bench, a garbage can, public art pieces, landscaping, signage, bike stands … it’s yet to be identified. A strategic planning exercise might bring our business members closer to laying out a doable plan.

No place to wait at this bus stop.
Or here.

Food Hall – We are looking for participants or investors interested in a “food hall”. That is a food court with real, restaurateurs. It’s a place for a new restaurant or baker or food processor to start out with a smaller financial commitment. It is also a one-stop-shop for customers to have a variety of food choices. Not unlike what we are doing with our Pop-Up Ready store fronts. This food hall concept would be an incubator for foodies. In addition to the local foodie people, we would feature our farmers market growers, producers and crafters, too. A local, real food market, so to speak.

New Development – Most likely, the large boxes left from Shopko and Sears will become something other than a single retail entity. As retail shopping patterns change, so will the layout of such shopping structures. If you look at the land from above, there are some great opportunities to improve the use of the space and add needed retail, service, office, residential, or restaurants that will be sustainable.

I personally like mixed use plans where people can live and thrive in a walk-able district. That means that you can also park your car and walk to a shop and a restaurant or a service in a short distance. Since all of our district is privately owned, we can only help the owners identify the wants and needs for a successful investment in their property and our district.

How do YOU add your thoughts? Please send us an email at Here are some thoughts for you to consider:

  • What would make it easier for you to get around our Military Avenue district?
  • What do you see as a need or luxury in our district?
  • Is there any particular style you like that says “this is Military Avenue”?
  • Are there certain stores or services you would like to see here?
  • Is it easy to get here and find us?

Thanks for any feedback. We plan to share it with our property owners and stake holders!

Sense Spa gets Mayor’s Beautification Award

Sense Salon and Wellness

Quan (Ryan) and Vivian accepted their award for Sense Spa at the Green Bay Mayor’s 2019 Beautification Awards celebration on Dec. 5 at Back Stage at the Meyer.

The Mayor’s Beautification Awards Committee works with the Mayor to chose the recipients of this honorable award. The Committee is made up of a group of volunteers dedicated to recognizing businesses, organizations and individuals who enhance and preserve the beauty and cleanliness of the City of Green Bay.

Quan brought part of his culture into the design at the former auto repair garage that has been transformed it into a spectacular, relaxing spa and tea house. He hopes that others will do the same and continue to build Green Bay into a thriving, vibrant place for young people to stay and raise a family. After living in many places, he chose Green Bay to build his business and raise his family.

Other winners for 2019 include Brown County STEM Innovation Center, Hotel Northland, Tenet, Amphora Wine Bar, Pepper, GB Skaliwags / The High Cotton Club, Bay Beach Big Wheel, and Green Bay Area Public Schools Baird Elementary.

Military Avenue is lucky to have this amazing spa in our district. You have to stop in, try a Vietnamese coffee or tea, and check out the spa. One of their unique spaces is the salt room. If you have not tried out a salt room, book it for you and a few friends. Amazing.

Sense Spa and Wellness Center and the QTea House are located at 124 S Military Avenue on Green Bay’s west side.

Knife-Wielding Green Bay Robbery Suspects Identified

Police have arrested three suspects for the recent rash of armed robberies. In a press conference today, they discussed the successful arrests were in part due to a joint effort between all affected city police departments. The full report is here.

Continue to keep your eyes open and report any suspicious behavior. It takes all of us to be watching our for our neighbors and businesses.

BP updates

Don’t worry, BP will be back up and pumping in a short 17 days.

As regulations require, on October 2nd they will undertake routine maintenance. The tanks need to be updated every so often. The inside of the store will be open but there will not be gas sales.

Randy and the crew will be back to serve you and the Military Avenue neighbors. Let them know how much you missed them.   

Earth Day Clean-Up

What are you going to do for Earth Day?

Last Tuesday a group of senior high kids from across the city came to our area to help clean-up after our long winter left a blanket of wind blown garbage.

Thanks caring about our area and the environment!

Plan to do something in YOUR area. Saturday is the official Earth Day but I like to think it is just our yearly reminder to pick up when you see trash. When it looks clean, it reminds us not to litter.



Special thanks to Brian at Bay Area Diamond for the cheesey bread and water. It was a great treat for the volunteers after a good 25 bags of garbage was collected!