Sense Spa gets Mayor’s Beautification Award

Sense Salon and Wellness

Quan (Ryan) and Vivian accepted their award for Sense Spa at the Green Bay Mayor’s 2019 Beautification Awards celebration on Dec. 5 at Back Stage at the Meyer.

The Mayor’s Beautification Awards Committee works with the Mayor to chose the recipients of this honorable award. The Committee is made up of a group of volunteers dedicated to recognizing businesses, organizations and individuals who enhance and preserve the beauty and cleanliness of the City of Green Bay.

Quan brought part of his culture into the design at the former auto repair garage that has been transformed it into a spectacular, relaxing spa and tea house. He hopes that others will do the same and continue to build Green Bay into a thriving, vibrant place for young people to stay and raise a family. After living in many places, he chose Green Bay to build his business and raise his family.

Other winners for 2019 include Brown County STEM Innovation Center, Hotel Northland, Tenet, Amphora Wine Bar, Pepper, GB Skaliwags / The High Cotton Club, Bay Beach Big Wheel, and Green Bay Area Public Schools Baird Elementary.

Military Avenue is lucky to have this amazing spa in our district. You have to stop in, try a Vietnamese coffee or tea, and check out the spa. One of their unique spaces is the salt room. If you have not tried out a salt room, book it for you and a few friends. Amazing.

Sense Spa and Wellness Center and the QTea House are located at 124 S Military Avenue on Green Bay’s west side.

Military Avenue Mural

Watercolor Style Mural on Military


Q-Tea Premium Tea House and The Sense Spa & Wellness Center will have the first mural on Military Avenue.

Kent Hutchinson is painting a watercolor style mural done in acrylic, that was selected by the owner, on the side of the building at 124 S Military Avenue. The new tea house and spa owner is adding to the beautiful Zen gardens with this artistic mural. As our weather cooperates, there will soon be outside seating in the peaceful, minimalist, Zen like garden.

In addition to tea, frozen custard, and healthy drinks, they also serve Vietnamese Coffee. (Also called Cà phê Sữa đá.) This Vietnamese coffee is rich, super flavorful, and sweet with just a tiny hint of hazelnut. It is perfect on a hot or cold day. Either iced or hot.

You can have a tea or coffee while you visit the spa area that features manicures, pedicures, massage, waxing, and the most unique salt room. RELAXED is the word you will use after time here.

The artist, Kent Hutchinson, is an active community member and creative collaborator. Kent serves as chair on the Green Bay Public Arts Commission and organizes the STEAM events held at the Neville Museum. STEAM adds the A for Art to Science – Technology – Engineering – and Mathematics. “A comprehensive understanding of the STEAM disciplines makes us smart while an understanding of how these disciplines can be interwoven and combined makes us wise.” Kent’s incorporation and encouragement of art in our everyday life is evident in many Green Bay locations.

Visit the Q-Tea House to see the positive development of including art on Military Avenue.


New Year – New You, Tea and Spa

Treat yourself in 2019!

The new QTea Premium Tea House and Sense Spa is now open!

The transformation of a traditional building (former auto repair) to a zen-like spa is done and it is spectacular!

From the beautiful glass walls outside to the relaxing interior, they created a true jem! The multifaceted business has a “treat” in store for all of your senses. Let me take you on a short tour.

Moon Gate

Enter the Tea Room. 

The “moon gate” is traditional in Vietnam. Walk through for love, happiness, and good fortune! Past the gateway you will be in a lovely, modern tea room with a huge assortment of teas and “by the pound” frozen yogurt (coming this summer). The rippled, disposable cups are a tactile experience with consideration of the environment.

I had a traditional Vietnamese coffee that was on the opposite side of bitter. Mellow and flavorful and definitely on my list of favorites.

Tea sets and supplies are also for sale. They display one glass pot that you can fill from the top, empty from the bottom, and reuse the teaspoon of dry tea three times before refilling. That is getting the most from your tea experience or just let them make it for you. Each flavor and type brings a unique taste experience either hot or cold, bubble tea or dry tea. A reward program will get you a deal on the 10th.


Loose tea flavors for you to smell, order and then sip and enjoy.

Several flavors of frozen yogurt including green tea, black tea and of course chocolate and vanilla are on “by the ounce” sale.

Hammer and Nails Spa

Move to the Hammer and Nails section of the spa for a private retreat with a neutral, earthy flair. This space can be used as a private spa party location. A TV is on the way for the ultimate GB football watching pedicure. Down the hallway are more private and couple rooms for massage and esthetician services. Each room is tranquil, clean and relaxing.

Salt room

Breath in the Himalayan Salt Room   

Then, the big surprize! A Himalayan salt ROOM. The wall of the room is stacked with bricks of Himalayan salt, zero gravity chairs and blankets. After standing in the room for five minutes, I could feel my breathing become clearer. Licking my lips, I could taste the salt in the air. This is on my friend list for places to go. A 45 minute retreat in this room is just what I need for my 2019 pleasure tasks.

Steam Room and Lockers

Just past the salt room is a mens and womens locker and steam room. A few minutes in the steam shower and then into the salt room would be a perfect sense awakening experience. They may need to wake you when your time is up because you can become that relaxed.

End at the Mani Pedi Room

Around the corner is the main salon with several chairs for manicures and pedicures. The circles and calm interior decor continues through this room. There has been no lack of detail in each design decision and lighting choice, and it shows.

Treat yourself

Book some time at the new Q-Tea House and Sense Spa in 2019. Or pick up a perfect couples gift for Valentines Day!

Q-Tea Premium Tea House and Sense Spa is located at 124 S Military Avenue on Green Bay’s west side.  (920) 490-7832 You can like them on Facebook.


New business on Military Avenue

Coming soon!
QTea Premium Tea House  
The Sense Spa + Wellness Center
Quan is expanding your ability to relax.  This brand new interior promises to be soothing, comfortable and top of the line in everything. Group and private settings will accomodate your needs.
Watch as the zen atmosphere unfolds on Military Avenue.
This space at 124 S Military will transform into a peaceful, zen-style space for women and men.