A bright new sign and warehouse sale at H.J. Martin and Son

If you have never been to an H. J. Martin and Son warehouse sale – you need to go, and go early! 

The beautiful new sign at H. J. Martin and Son is announcing the popular, yearly warehouse sale!

April 28th from 8 AM to 1 PM

A line starts to form before the opening time with anxious customers waiting to get the best pick of samples, over stock, remnants, one of a kind items, and more. Great prices on everything!

But go prepared to know the sizes of things you need! Will that box of tiles work for the table I want to make? Is that carpet piece big enough for my space?

Here is what their post says:

For all 365 days of each year, H.J. Martin and Son’s passion for flooring, design, installation and – most of all – our customers, is clear. For one of those days in particular, our goal is to share that passion and excitement by giving back to you, the customer, with amazing prices.

Every year we look forward to the H.J. Martin and Son Annual Warehouse Sale, and we’re not alone! Join thousands of your neighbors in visiting the Warehouse Sale for the highest quality products at unmatched prices. You can save up to 90 percent on select materials!

Have FUN doing your creative shopping!