New winter market vendors

Every week is different at the winter Market on Military!

This week we will have NEW VENDORS as well as our traditional vendors. The market is transitioning as produce becomes less and less and early spring crops come nearer, the crafters and other creators are itching to get out and show their wares. After a long winter of production, there is a lot to love.

Red Canna’s in our climate

One new vendor this week is Eileen. She will be selling her local red canna and gladioli bulbs. If you have tried to save your own, you know what tricky work this is! She saved you the time.

Georgia O’keeffe’s Red Canna painting


The red canna is tall and beautiful and it was the subject of one of Georiga O’keeffe’s famous paintings.  Eileen can tell you how to plant them and the perfect conditions to make them the 6-8 foot highlight of your garden.



Gladioli is another old-time favorite and subject for van Gogh. My friend could made dolls out of the flowers like her grandmother taught her. “Glads” offer beautiful color and are great cut flowers for arrangements.

Glads are an easy growing flower that come in a rainbow of colors. Stagger your plantings for continuous summer blooms.

This Sunday, March 26th at the Market on Military. 512 S MIlitary Avenue, 11-3 PM next door to Chili Johns. Find bulbs, cheese, bread, meat, eggs, crafts, jewelry, maple syrup, popcorn, onions, potatoes, garlic, art, and more!

Red Gladioli painting by Vincent van Gogh