Shopko Store Closing Begins

10% to 30% Off  – as our local store closes 

After filing Chapter 11 in mid January, Shopko has started to close it’s first ever Military Avenue store. The first signs to appear are 10%-30% off.

This hometown store was a staple in the neighborhood for over 50 years. “All the things I grew up with are leaving,” said a man standing in front of the store.

After over 50 years of business, changes in ownership, and adding hundreds of stores across the country, that is not a bad “success story” for a business that started with one store in April of 1962. Things change and so do our shopping habits. Retail business is a very competitive market and the model they were using was not working anymore. That said, they were a great business for many years. Based on visual observations, they were still successful with the pharmacy and eyeglass departments.

As they wind down over 100 store closings including the Military Avenue Store #1, you will see discounts. They set April 15th as the last day in our district. Others will be phased out as early as February 15th. 

In the restructuring allowed in a Chapter 11 filing, they will try to operate on a smaller scale and sell off aspects of the company. All of that will be watched and then the courts will determine if they are allowed to stay in business or will need to make plans for further closings and liquidation. That deadline is coming in the middle of March.

Change is hard and a lot of long time employees will need to find work. Those are two of the worst parts of Shopko’s closing. And, a lot of walking customers will now need to travel further but there are still accessible pharmacies.

If you have ideas or gaps in services you will face on Military Avenue, or if you have thoughts for a good business to located in that high traffic part of Military Avenue, let us know. Email to