Tough on Crime

GBPD – Capt Todd Signs

Military Avenue is getting Tough on Crime!

The Green Bay Police Chief will be deployed in stores around town. In an effort to curb retail theft,
the Chief will share a few different messages about shoplifting.   

Our Military Avenue district is full-size on board with this crime prevention method as retail crime costs all of us and hurts the businesses. There are daily calls to pick up shoplifters from some of our stores.

Military Avenue businesses that want an appearance of a “Chief Smith Anti-Theft cut-out” should contact Captain Todd LePine Green Bay Police Department Desk: (920) 448-3333 Ext. 1, Cell: (920)  370-6370

Help us to focus on stopping retail theft by supporting the effort of our Police Department. And say hi to the Chief from the right side of the law.